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Australia Top 10 universities by Qs world University Rankings

  Australia Top 10 universities by Qs world University Rankings Latest update! Australia's Top 10 Universities by QS World University Ra...


Australia Top 10 universities by Qs world University Rankings

Latest update! Australia's Top 10 Universities by QS World University Rankings 2022

Australian University

Many of Australia's top universities have risen to world-class universities and are ranked higher by the most recent 2022 QS World University Rankings released at the beginning of June 2021.

The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne have made it into the Top 40 of the best universities in the world. and the Australian National University have made it to the top 30 in the world and were also named Australia's No. 1 best university for another year.

The QS university rankings are based on educational institutions. Faculty to Student Ratio Proportion of faculty abroad number of international students and the University's reputation among employers and academics from other universities in 2019/2020.

Australia Rank World Rank University Name City Name

1 27 Australian National University* Canberra

2 37 University of Melbourne* Melbourne

3 38 University of Sydney* Sydney

4 43 UNSW Sydney* Sydney

5 47 University of Queensland* Brisbane

6 58 Monash University* Melbourne

7 93 University of Western Australia* Perth

8 108 University of Adelaide* Adelaide

9 133 University of Technology Sydney Sydney

10 193 University of Wollongong Wollongong

Top Cities to Study in Australia”  You Must Know


Canberra is a city in Australia. It is home to the administrative center of the country's parliament and high court. It is also home to leading universities such as the Australian National University, Australia's No. 1 and 27 in the world, 6 Nobel Laureates and 49 faculty and alumni who have received Rhodes Fellowships. This is a prestigious global scholarship, University of Canberra, Australia's 24th university, and Australian Catholic University (ACU).


Sydney, the capital city of the state of New South Wales. which is the most populous state in Australia It is home to universities such as the University of Sydney, 3rd in Australia and 38 in the world, UNSW Sydney, 4 in Australia and 43 in the world. It is also a member of Australia's Group of Eight universities.

There are also excellent universities to study in, such as the University of Technology Sydney, number 1 in the Top 50 Under 50 and in the Top 150 in the world, University of Newcastle, Australia (UON), Macquarie University and Australian Catholic University (ACU). etc.


Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. Ranked #1 in Australia and #3 in the world by the QS Best Student Cities 2019 rankings, Melbourne is a vibrant city. It is famous for its coffee and excellent food. have a comprehensive transportation system Easy to travel anywhere It is also known as the multicultural capital of Australia.

Melbourne is a city that combines world-renowned universities such as the University of Melbourne, Australia's 2nd ranked university in the world's top 40, Monash University in the world's top 60 universities, and popular universities like RMIT University, Deakin University, Swinburne University of Technology, La Trobe University and Victoria University.


Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland the state known as "Sunshine State" because it is a warm state. have a tropical temperature And with over 300 days of sunshine a year, compared to other Australian cities, Brisbane is unique in that. Home to the world's most incredible giant coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane is one of the world's favorite cities to study and travel.

Brisbane is home to top universities such as the University of Queensland, one of the Group of Eight universities and ranked 47 in the world, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Griffith University, James Cook University and CQ University.


Hobart is the capital city of the island of Tasmania. This is a heart-shaped island in the south of Australia. The island of Tasmania is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna. There is a little animal that is the island's symbol and only found in Tasmania, known as the Tasmania Devil. Hobart is home to the University of Tasmania, the only university on the island. It is famous for education and research in the natural sciences and marine sciences. including business administration studies engineering Information technology, medicine, education and art design.


Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It is the closest Australian city to Thailand and is only 1 hour apart. (With Perth having faster time than Thailand) can travel to Perth within 6 hours. In addition, it is a city with a high standard of living, but with a low budget of living. Compared to main cities in Australia.

Perth is one of Australia's study destinations. It is also home to leading universities such as the University of Western Australia, one of the Group of Eight universities, Murdoch University and Curtin University, among others.

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